Ships in the network

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Ships in the network

Post  CAPT Darryl F Wood on Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:51 am

USS Canberra

Akira class

NCC 74137

Launched and comissioned in 2370

Current location:
Starbase, Lya Station Alpha

Crew present at the network:
Captain Darryl F Wood (CO)

USS Harrington

Norway class

NCC 51435 NOTE: For a ship comissioned in 2372, NCC number should be in low 74XXX, as USS Valiant, which was launched in that yearm had registry number of NCC-74210.

Launched and comissioned in 2372

Current location:
Spacedock 1, Earth

Crew present at the network:
Commander Sama Tysei (XO)
CAPT Darryl F Wood

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